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Cowhide Cleaning Tips

Posted by Southern Croix LLC on

Hi Dear Customers:

Some people frequently ask us, how to maintain their cowhides. When you buy a new high quality cowhide from us, we ship it with cleaning instructions. However, here are some tips on how to protect your cowhide:

  • Shake your cowhide outside once in a while, that’s the best way to eliminate small particles
  • You can use a simple vacuum once and then without any problem. It won’t shed.
  • If some spills occur, for example wine, coffee, juices or any other, use some mild soap and water to clean it, and use paper towel or a sponge immediately to absorbed it
  • Never wash your cowhide in a washing machine or dry clean

If you have any specific questions related on how to clean or maintain your cowhides, you can always contact our Customer Care Department at,

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