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Gaucho Cowhides

Posted by Southern Croix LLC on

After some years in the designing industry selling high end products for professionals all over the world, we notice their was a simple chic product that any customer could have and afford. Cowhides are a natural product that can easily combine in your living, dining or bed room. Can also adapt easily to a home office layout or even a chic and modern job atmosphere.

We have suppliers in Argentina and Brazil in who we trust the source of our cowhides and we careful select them to ensure quality and environmental conscious products. 

In recognition to cattle handlers in this side of the world we branded our company. Gauchos as they called them in South of Brazil and Argentina are like cowboys in the US. Hard workers and passionate people who give their best to care cows as their own life.

Hope you can have the chance of trying our high quality Gaucho Cowhides.





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