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Black & White Cowhide Butterfly Chair

  • $ 29995

Butterfly Chair:

This is an easy to ensemble modern chair with great combinations of cowhides. Frame is made of black and resistant iron very easy to ensemble

Product Information of our Butterfly Chairs:

  • Cover: Black & White Cowhide
  • Frame: Black color - easy to ensemble
  • Box Size: 25 L x 16 W x 3 H inches (63 x 40 x 8 centimeters) and weights 9 pounds (4.2 Kgs)
  • Chair Measurements: 28 L x 28 W x 35 H inches (71 x 71 x 89 centimeters)

About the Butterfly Chair - BKF
The butterfly chair also known as BKF chair, is a modern piece of furniture designed by Antonio Bonet, Juan Kurchan and Jorge Ferrari in 1938. The designers last name initials gave the name (BKF) to them. During 1940, the chair was shown at the 3rd Salon de Artistas Decoradores exhibition where it was discovered by the Museum of Modern Art (NY). At the request of MoMA, the designers sent 3 pre-production chairs to New York. One is still exhibited in the MoMA collection and one is at the Frank Lloyd Wright house Fallingwater (built for the Kaufmann family), but no one knows where the third chair went...

Nowadays, there are many different kind of this modern butterfly chairs. Ours is a unique cowhide cover model, on a very easy to ensemble iron frame. These chairs can be a great combination in a living or bedroom.

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