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Awesome Jaguar Cowhide

  • $ 45000

Beautiful and exotic Jaguar printed cowhide. This breathtaking cowhide offers an elegant and unique piece that lightens up any room, and looks very luxurious while doing so. This phenomenal cut is one of our most exotic and because of this one of the hardest to find.  

Color: Jaguar Pattern, White, Black, Gold

Average Size: often varies from 60 to 70 inches width and 75 to 90 inches length. Area averages between 37 to 41 sqft

Weight: often varies between 8 to 11 pounds.

Shipping: FREE SHIPPING to Continental cities in the US. All others, please check on Shipping Policies or in the Check Out Cart.

Disclaimer: Our cowhides are all unique and natural products. Every cow is different and so are cowhides. Color and/or sizes may vary from the photos on this listing. If you would like to receive a picture of the exact one you may be buying, please do not hesitate to contact us directly

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